POETRY : Kisses For You

- February 04, 2018

Kisses For You

Kisses for  you,
My head drooped low on your breast,
Flashed up as in flame,
From my heart to my cheek,
Your arms held me fast,
Your glances seemed drawing through mine eyes,
Your lips clung to mine ,
Never unclasp from the rapturous kiss.

Taking off my clothes,
Piece by piece,
I turn to you,
Unwrap my body,
Feel your skin smooth ,
With my fingers.

I am accustomed,
What I now bare,
Watch your boob ,
And wash me,
With lick my body .

I feel the smooth ,
Of your skin,
Inviting my passion,
Feel your breath,
Warm in my ear.

I lean closer,
Into you,
Feel your blood surge,
As you hold me,
And I echo,
Pulling my desire ,
Making love with you ,
My legs around you,
And open as morning,
When the sun warms us.



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